A Framework Approach to IT Performance Measurement

Metricus facilitates the rapid deployment of IT Performance Measurement solutions through the adoption of a framework approach. The Metricus Framework consists of data integration packages for commonly used IT Enterprise applications, data structures optimised for IT enterprise data, best practice IT Performance Metrics, a comprehensive scorecard engine, enterprise reporting and interactive analytics.

Metricus Overview

Meeting the Needs of All IT Decision Makers

Whether it be scorecards for a CIO, subscription reports for IT process managers, interactive analytics for IT analysts, or SLA alerts for helpdesk operators, Metricus provides content for all types of data consumers and decision makers within IT.

Experts in IT Metrics and Reporting

Effectively measuring IT is a journey of continual improvement. Metricus not only provides the framework to enable this but has a partner network of IT experts to help guide you on this journey. Experts in what to measure, how and why as well as helping you deploy best practice scorecards, reports and analytics.

Packaged Solutions for IT Measurement

Metricus provides pre-built packages solutions for commonly used IT enterprise applications including ServiceNow, Remedy and Lync. As these solutions are built using the Metricus Framework, they can easily be extended to include additional data, metrics and requirements.

IT Data Centric

The core of the Metricus Framework is the Metricus Datamart – data structures optimised for IT reporting, analytics and metrics. The Metricus Datamart is fully exposed to customers enabling you to not only leverage the Metricus analytics and reports but also to use your own BI tools, including Excel.

Enterprise BI for IT

Experience true enterprise business intelligence as the Metricus Framework has been developed using the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, the leading enterprise BI suite.

Onsite or in the Cloud

Metricus is available onsite or in the cloud. Our servers are located across all geographic regions, ensuring that security and data compliance issues are addressed.

Metricus Features

Metricus Customers

Metricus has customers across all continents and in different business and industry sectors including banking, education, government, financial services, manufacturing and IT managed services. Customer success stories include;

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