Metricus is an ITpreneurs company that develops & markets IT Performance Management Solutions.

By developing specifically for the needs and priorities of IT professionals, Metricus modular services help organizations measure, manage and improve IT with a single, comprehensive solution.

Activating raw data to yield actionable insights, Metricus guides enlightened business decisions by providing flexible and customizable reporting for different user types. These relevant, pragmatic IT performance metrics replace assumptions with definitive data and vague assessments with precise measurements. As a result, Metricus users can quickly and easily demonstrate how IT affects and drives an organisation’s overall business objectives.

Metricus provides a highly cost-effective IT performance measurement and management solution, designed to provide solid insights and drive informed business decisions that align IT with business objectives.

Built by a team that truly understands the needs of IT professionals, Metricus leverages KPI’s that are based on ITSM best-practice methodologies like ITIL, CobiT and ISO/IEC 20000.

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CIOs from leading organizations are using Metricus for reporting, IT metrics and all sort of performance analytics.

3 solutions that we will customize according to your needs. Please contact us for a free introduction to our system.


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